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My secret weapons: 

Herbal medicines & Nutritional supplements

Herbal medicines


Nutritional supplements

Ah my true love- herbal medicines. What can’t they treat? Got insomnia?- I’ve got a herb for you, Cold hands and feet?- I’ve got a herb for you, Feeling bloated after your meals?- You betchya, there’s a herb for that too! Herbal remedies are great for both symptomatic and preventative medicine, a few of my favourites are common weeds you might even find in your own backyard!
When deficiencies are strong, or if there’s a particularly high need for a nutrient, often supplements can deliver therapeutic doses that can be hard for food to match.



I love the idea that food is medicine, and this is where we can really make a lasting impression in your life. The real lesson here is to JERF, Just Eat Real Food- although some conditions and circumstances will require specific dietary tailoring, many of us can absolutely thrive just by eating a range of whole foods. And although new superfoods are a lot of fun, we don’t really need them to be a super human- we’ve got parsley for that!



Don’t worry I wont just tell everyone to meditate and practice yoga (although I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt), lifestyle encompasses so much more than that. It means perhaps creating a morning or evening routine to reduce stress, allowing yourself enough downtime to rest and relax, creating a nurturing sleeping environment, slowing down to eat, ensuring you get enough sunlight during the day, listening to some good beats and finding some ways to play and get a good belly laugh in, live comedy anyone?

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