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Hello I'm Emalyse, your friendly local naturopath.

I naturally adore everything herbs, health and wellness.. But besides that my loves include DIY and creative ventures: whether that be making herbal medicines, creating crafty decor, designing bikinis, selling pompom earrings or sewing some whacky costumes. I also love travel, outdoor adventures, camping, hiking and cycling on our cow-print tandem bike.

I'd have to say my future dream as a naturopath would be to practise out of a cute little treehouse, where I grow my own herbs and make them into the lotions, potions & remedies I prescribe to you guys! 

I love personalising treatments to fit the exact needs of my clients and bringing some creativity into the treatment plans.

The most unlikely things can be the most therapeutic; a special dress that makes you feel like a goddess, that particular song that never fails makes you dance, that amazing candle you only burn on special occasions and that certain colour that makes you feel warm inside- for me blush pink is absolutely that!
Why not bring more of this into your life?

There’s absolutely more to health than diet and exercise.

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